S.A. Tree Salvage, Urban Forest Recovery

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SA Tree Salvage started operating 17 years ago by Chris Pinkster & Kallan Dennis.

Initially the intention was to slow down the shear waste of an important resource going into landfill or chipped into garden mulch. Fortunately trees can no longer go into landfill but the chippers have got bigger!

We are still operating salvaging trees/logs as best as we can, the passion for saving the trees will never wane. The business has a no waste policy thus we process the log into sawn boards or full width slabs and the usual 10 to 20% waste that comes off this process goes into firewood supply.

Value adding after those processes gave us the ability to manufacture any objects and furniture which then give the saved tree/log a extended life into seats, tables, cladding, kitchens and even as a structural item, pergola, fence, window frames.

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